We produce and launch your online course.

  • You travel to our studio in Charlotte and teach.
  • We script, shoot, and edit your video content.
  • We build your course website, landing pages, email campaigns, social media, and everything else.

Package your best content.

You have a framework that you teach from your blog, in your books, or from the stage. You’d love to have an online course to engage your audience, leverage your existing content, and generate passive revenue.

We'll work with you remotely to script out your content, formulate your course framework, and develop your pre-launch content.

We build everything.

You don’t want to learn all of this new technology, figure out how to shoot and edit your videos, build an online course website, and bother with Facebook ads and other marketing strategies.

You just want to take your message and AMPLIFY it.

I was so nervous about doing a video course. But it has been such a great experience. I'm so glad I did it and I'm thankful for their guidance, love, and support throughout the process.

Dr. Edie Wadsworth

The Essential Oils Course

Brian and his team make it easy for you to understand what works to help you grow your business online.

Kent Julian

Speak It Forward Online Course

As an author and speaker I worked with amplify to create, market, and launch my online course. Working with them has been awesome. They are professional, fun, and they follow through.

Sarah Mae

Longing for Life Course

Increase your impact and income online with a course.

Extend your product line by having an online course available for sale.


Generate passive revenue and travel less with an online course.


Take your readers deeper by offering an online course.


Teach your most engaged subscribers your best content.

Our Process

We'll work with you remotely to script out your content, formulate your course framework, and develop your pre-launch content. We’ve been trained by the best marketing teachers around. We take our knowledge and experience and put that into your course.

Step 1


Step 2


After we have all of your content scripted out, we schedule your production days where you travel to our studio south of Charlotte, North Carolina for two days to film all of your prelaunch, online course, and promotional content. Our production team takes care of all the details with professional lighting, sound, and camera equipment. We even use a teleprompter for all of your scripts. You just show up and teach your content. We do the rest. After your two production days, you fly home and we go to work editing the videos, building the course website, and creating the landing pages

Following our shared promotional calendar, we implement industry best practices to launch your course. We write the emails, recruit affiliate partners, and create and manage the social media advertising to launch and sell your course.

Step 3


Step 4


And here is the best part- we don’t charge anything up front. You can’t hire us to create your course. Instead, we’ve built our company on a revenue split model. At the end of every month, we will send you a sales report and a royalty payment of 50% of the net revenue from sales of your online course. You make a dollar, we make a dollar. We’re invested not just in creating a quality course, but doing everything we can to sell your course. You’ll continue to receive revenue from your course long after your two production days have come and gone.

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